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Housing and Form

OSAP Housing (and Housing Information Form)

OSAP provides students with double room housing normally in the same apartment or house with British or other foreign students (barring last-minute withdrawals) see Housing Information Form for a full description.  OSAP believes that the opportunity to live with British or other foreign students adds to the educational experience.

In Trinity Term 2013, 50% of Visiting Students recommended by OSAP lived within the central area of Oxford (defined as St. Anne's on the North, Magdalen on the East, the rail station on the west and Folly Bridge on the South) and 50% lived within a twenty minute walk of the central area of Oxford.

Visiting Students at New College (and others), if they wish, will be able to live in a refurbished 16th-century house (10 St Michael's) within a seven-minute walk of their college. A few scarce rooms in the very centre are doubles. College rooms are sometimes available. There are surcharges for these more costly rooms.

Some OSAP housing is at Venneit Close, a modern development which is a fifteen minute walk to the OSAP office in the center of Oxford.

After acceptance, students receive a housing form asking them to designate their housing preferences.  Descriptions of the properties and their locations are listed here on our website.  If students have any questions, please email or call our UK office on 011 44 1865 201132.

Descriptions and photographs of available housing options are listed and students are asked to designate their first and second choices.

A surcharge is required for more expensive housing in the center of Oxford.

All housing units include TVs, VCRs and internet access by either wifi or ethernet cables in the bedrooms.

Telephones are installed and ready for use when students arrive using calling cards, barring Telecom company problems.  The cost of local telephone calls will be deducted from security deposits.

For questions about OSAP housing please contact:



Housing map

  • St. Michael's Street (16th Century Town House) - 2 minute walk to Trinity College
  • 37 St. Giles (Georgian Town House) - 10 minute walk to Christ Church
  • Little Clarendon Street (Apartment) - 12 minute walk to New College
  • Thames Street (Modern houses) - 18 minute walk to the Bodleian Library
  • Venneit Close (Modern Apartments) - 20 minute walk to Trinity College


All of OSAP housing is located within about a ten minute walk of the central area of Oxford, defined as St. Anne's College on the North, Magdalen Bridge on the East, the Railroad Station on the West and Folly Bridge on the South.


You will be sent a copy of the OSAP housing form with your application materials, please complete it and email it to